Killing of Khashoggi sign of systematic suppression of opponents in Saudi Arabia

Beirut, Nov 28, IRNA - Three Lebanese analysts pointed to the deterioration of the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia, saying that the killing of Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi is one example of the hundreds of murders and systematic suppression of opponents in the country.

In his interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Lebanese analyst Ali Murad said that the Saudi regime would not have mercy on any opposition that comes out of the heart of authority, especially if the person knows a lot of secrets.

The Saudis, he added, are historically known to be dealing with two factions of the opposition. One group, the dissidents who come out of Saudi Arabia, are not affiliated with any government bodies. These categories are not first priority for Riyadh’s pursuits.

'The second group will disturb the Saudi authorities more and perhaps they can be said to be dangerous for them,' Murad continued. Khashoggi was is this group to be considered dangerous. In this category, there are some princes of the ruling family, such as 'Turkish bin Bandar', 'Sultan bin Turki”, 'Saud bin Seif Al–Nasr”. They have departed from Saudi Arabia and write in international newspapers against Mohammed bin Salman.

Khalil Harb, an analyst and editor-in-chief of electronic 'Journal' in Lebanon, told IRNA that Al-Saud had stabilized his rule by killing and intimidation.

'The reading of Al Saud’s history makes us not wonder at all the crimes they committed. We are dealing with a systematic suppression system,” he added.

Lebanese journalist and analyst Habib Fayaz referring to potential involvement Crown Prince Mohammed bin in Salman in Khashoggi murder confirmed that his negative image in the public opinion of the world cannot be modified.

'Saudi Arabia is at its weakest since it was formed,' Fayaz said, noting that the issue of killing of Khashoggi would have negative effects on Saudi Arabia. The problem is in the picture that pervades the world's public opinion. No one can clear murder and falsehood and his selfishness in the eyes of world public opinion.


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