Nov 24, 2018, 1:19 PM
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Iran Pres: Dispute between Muslims, US is over freedom, slavery

Tehran, Nov 24, IRNA – Disagreement between the World of Islam and the United States is on the issues of freedom and slavery, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday at an international Islamic conference in Tehran.

'The dispute between us and the United States is because they want the world to think American, respect American values, but we say all humans are free,' President Rouhani said, addressing the 32nd International Islamic Unity Conference underway in the Iranian capital.

Saying that today, the United States wants the countries in the region to be its slaves, he added, 'The dispute between us and the Western bullies, now the US, has been going on for centuries.'

'They say, their interests should always be met and we say, World bullies cannot determine our path,' President Rouhani added.

'Whoever has a more lethal weapon is the ruler and enjoys the veto right; that tends to be the base for charting the world since World War II,' he said.

The Iranian president went on to criticize the West, especially the US and Britain, for creating the veto right, then using it to create the 'Cancerous Gland' of the region, namely the fake regime of Israel.

He said that the Muslim nations do not accept the present situation in the region.

'The right path is that of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and standing firmly against oppression,' President Rouhani said.

The 32nd International Islamic Unity Conference under the theme of “Quds, Axis of Unity Among Ummah” opened Saturday morning and it is expected to be wrapped up on Monday.

'Islam is not just the religion respecting Muslims, it respects all mankind and all exalted human values.' Rouhani stressed.

Saying that the situation in the region is no 'tough and grave', Rouhani added, 'The conditions in Palestine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and even Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq are nothing expected by the Muslim nations.'

'The existing conditions put a huge responsibility on our shoulders,' he said.

He added that the great people of Iraq overcame the difficulties by countering the US; Iraq and Syria overcame Daesh (ISIS) and terrorism with resistance, Palestinians have been resisting the Zionists' invasion, and Yemenis have been resisting the invasion of the criminals.

Referring to the chemical bombardment of Iran done by Saddam, he said when the chemical attacks took place no country helped Iran.

Rouhani said that the Islamic World is alone now and should unite and making reference to a certain regime in the region, he said, 'You gave a gift worth $450bn and bought $110bn of weapons to provide your security and the looter of your wealth said he was 'milking' a cow.'

'What for do you need the US that you are giving away your resources to them?' asked President Rouhani.

'Who is your enemy in the region? We are ready to defend Saudi Arabia against terrorism and the enemy of the region and superpowers as hard as we can, in the same way we helped Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen.'

'We don't want a $450bn gift and won't insult you. We treat you as our brother, like other nations of the region.'


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