Nov 20, 2018, 12:14 AM
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Rouhani: Go’vt abiding by commitments regarding Orumieh Lake

Orumieh, Nov 20, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the Government of Prudence and Hope adheres to commitments regarding Orumieh Lake, as it is allocating necessary funds for reviving it.

Addressing a gathering of West Azarbaijan elites late Monday, he added, “If it were not for the government’s measures in the past, given the situation it faced, the lake would have been destroyed last year, affecting 15 million people.”

Due to the measures, the lake has achieved a stable level and its depth has increased, he said, noting that revival of Orumieh Lake was very important in line with solving environmental challenges.

Highlighting West Azarbaijan’s capacities for promoting international trade, Rouhani added that the province share borders with Azerbaijan Republic, Turkey and Iraq and can turn threats into opportunities.

Noting that Iran’s communications with these three countries are historic, the president said that Iran’s trade and economic exchanges with the countries are growing on daily basis.

Calling on the people and economic activists to work for reducing economic pressure, Rouhani said, “The US has mobilized to deal a blow to our country but it will fail to impose its will on regional nations, especially the brave people of Iran.”

Describing current juncture as a time for the test of the government and nation, he added that all the responsibilities do not rest with government; rather the people are also responsible in the face of threats and plots.

Surely, Iran will get out of the situation victoriously like the other historic events, Rouhani said.

Lake Urmia was once Iran’s largest lake. In its prime, it was the second largest saltwater lake in the world. But years of man-made disruption-- from the frenzy of 60 years of dam-building to the massive over-use of feeder rivers--had diverted the natural flow of sweet water from the surrounding basin into the salty lake.
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