Nov 3, 2018, 5:01 PM
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Iran not to allow Trump regime reach its illegitimate goals

Tehran, November 3, IRNA- Iranian foreign ministry in a statement expressed confidence that Iran, in cooperation with friendly countries and relying on its domestic capacities and international capabilities, is capable of solving the challenge of US illegitimate sanctions and not letting Trump regime come to its illegitimate goals.

According to the foreign ministry's Media Diplomacy Center on Saturday, “Trump's regime in its Continued lawbreaking and obvious bullying, yesterday announced the end of the so-called six-month breathing period for full implementation of the sanctions, the regime issued after illegally withdrawal form the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).'

The statement emphasized, “Although this measure, objectively and practically, will have little negative impact on the Iranian economy over the past 6 months, but for the ruling regime of the US, it is a great moral and political fall.'

“The move merely violates the JCPOA, violates a Security Council resolution, violates the ICJ's ruling, opposes the overwhelming will of the vast majority of countries in the world, and neglects human, legal and ethical principles. It also showed once again to all members of the international community, especially to the 'united' and 'partner countries' of the United States, that this government not only does not tolerate international rules and norms, but also other regulated states for the sake of the fulfillment of international obligations and rules, including the United States allies and friends.

The statement states, “The countries that their companies and banks are targets of sharpest sanctions. The United States also showed that even a large and powerful military and economic government could lack political independence and play the role of executing the demands of some foreign regimes in the design and implementation of its foreign policy.'

“It's unclear what's going on in the world of domestic politics,” said the statement, adding, “That the country's statesmen do not learn from any of their false experiences of their predecessors, as if every president of his country must Repeat all previous misconceptions in order to achieve the same unfavorable outcomes and experience the ineffectiveness of the wrong approach.


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