Oct 31, 2018, 11:04 PM
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Khashoggi’s murder wiped away moral veneer of Saudis

New Delhi, Oct 31, IRNA - An Indian editor believes that Khashoggi’s murder has taken away the moral veneer of the Saudis and their old and new allies and they will have to pay for the brutal act.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA here, Sanjay Kapoor who is the editor of the Indian English news magazine ‘Harednews’ commented on the possible impact of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s killing on the Saudi regime.

He said: “The importance of Khashoggi’s brutal murder, besides being gruesome, is that it takes away the moral veneer of Saudis and their new and old allies and how they call other countries as sponsors of terror or destabilizers of the region as they do in the case of Iran.”

Elaborating on the sharp international outrage over Khashoggi’s brutal killing, the seasoned analyst of the world affairs said: “Khashoggi was part of the Saudi establishment. It seems that he had a mind of his own on some issues. But quite clearly, he was for long an apologist of the Saudi royal family. He gave legitimacy to Saudis foreign policy and he was fielded by Riyadh to engage with the US government and media too.

The fact that he wrote a column for Washington Post was not seen as a rebellion against the Saudi government, as American media does not give any space for criticism against the Saudis. His problems got aggravated with the rise of Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and the manner in which he targeted the old order.

Prince MBS methods were abhorred and feared by Jamal and he wanted to unhinge himself from Saudi Arabia. He wanted his son to leave Riyadh and join him. His freedom to move around in the western world and criticize the policies of MBS was resented deeply. They wanted him to return, but he chose to stay on.

His growing proximity with the Turkish President Recceep Erdogan was also disliked. The decision to kill Khasshogi was taken in the belief that they would be able to control the fallout. But, Riyadh and MBS did not realize the deep animosity that Erdogan, the new Ottoman, had for the Saudis. Turks were ahead of Saudis at every stage.”

To a question on the possible impact of the development on the internal situation in Saudi Arabia, the veteran journalist said: “it is too early to say anything on that, but going by the reports, King Salman is trying to do some damage control. The Saudi government has owned much of the charges of the Turks except that the killing was premeditated.

This event is bound to make King Salman and his son much weaker and, if the US wants to bring about a change in Riyadh, it could happen with ease. After all, the US President Donald Trump had claimed that Saudi government cannot last without their support for even 2 weeks.”

On the possible changes in the Saudi Arabia’s policy in Middle-East following Khashoggi’s murder, Sanjay Kapoor said: “Till the Khshoggi matter is settled properly, the government in Riyadh would behave like a punch drunk fighter who has been beaten by all. What has to be seen is the final bit of evidence that the Turks have against MBS. If they have an audio intercept of MBS ordering the killing of Khashoggi or even the video of his brutal slaughter then it would have disastrous impact on the present King and his progeny.

The US President, who is still being protective of MBS, could come under pressure to initiate leadership change. Much, though, will depend on what the Turks want from Saudis to shut up. If they want normalization of ties with Qatar or cessation of violence in Yemen then it would mean that they have proof not just against Saudis but also against some of their allies.”
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