Oct 31, 2018, 3:39 PM
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President: US gives up on Iranian nation

Tehran, Oct 31, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the US has no chance to win the plot masterminded against the Islamic Republic of Iran as they have already started step-by-step withdrawal.

Speaking for the cabinet ministers, he said first they claimed that they will bring Iran's oil exports to zero and then they again claimed that this could not happen in November and it might take some months and now they said since it is not possible to bring the country's oil exports to zero they claimed that they want to reduce Iran's oil production.

People should bear in their minds that the Iranian government is never afraid of the US threats, he said. 'Our people might have experienced a tough life and this might be continued for the coming months, but the Iranian government spares no efforts to lessen problems and with reliance on almighty, the US fails to attain its goals.'

Under such circumstances, all should stay united and even the three branches of the government should exercise a much closer stand in order to pass difficulties with success, he said.

Many big countries such as those in Asia, Europe and other continents have cabled messages that they will stand shoulder to shoulder by Iran during the period, Rouhani said.

'You cannot cut Iran's oil production or even reduce its production to your desired limit, in fact you are going to irate the Iranian people but our nations are angry enough from US and its crimes while supporting their own government and Islamic system,' he said.

Iranian people love their own country and we all can pass all difficulties, underlined President Rouhani.

'We advise our business partners that the US pressures will be temporary but our relation with yours is constantly,' he said.

The Americans for some days make hue and cry, but they will go away as they cannot make decision on behalf of the region and great nations, he said.

November 4th in the history indicates the US faults and its savageness; President Rouhani underlined that the occasion (November 4) has been designated as 'International Day to Fight against Global Arrogance'.


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