Oct 31, 2018, 12:27 PM
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Trump’s claim to zero Iran oil exports pipe dreams

Doha, Oct 31, IRNA – An assistant professor of Iran’s Allameh Tabataba'i University says that the US president’s claim to cut Iran’s oil exports is impossible.

Ali Sarzaeem made the remarks in the meeting held in Doha, Qatar, dubbed ‘The US Sanction on Iran: Future Prospect’ on Tuesday, saying, “US sanctions might affect Iran’s oil exports but it cannot decrease revenues.”

“Parts of Iran’s income belongs to the exports of petrochemical products which are less prone to sanctions and can be sold decentralized,” he added.

Sarzaeem referred to a study conducted in Oxford University, which revealed that Iran’s exports cut would not be even as much as it was after the previous round of sanctions.

He stressed that although Arab countries comply with the US, they are aware of Trump’s intentions and know that he will soon demand much money from them.

Qatari media al-Jazeera expert Fatima al-Samadi, for her part, said that the US sanctions have targeted Iranian people.

She added that changes in Iran’s revenues will not affect Iran’s presence in the region, but may rather motivate it to expand it.

“I think Iran’s presence in the region is considered to be as part of its national security,” she opined.

Turkish university professor Recep Yorulmaz said in the meeting that banning Iran’s oil exports would adversely affect energy-consuming economies like China.

He stressed that Turkey needs Iran’s oil and opposes the imposition of any kind of sanctions on this country.


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