Oct 29, 2018, 9:40 PM
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Saudi cannot get away with Khashoggi murder

New Delhi, Oct 29, IRNA - A prolific Indian analyst of regional strategic affairs said the Saudi regime can not easily get away with the outcome of its brutal killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi but rather should be brought to justice for committing the horrible crime.

In a piece exclusively written for IRNA, Seema Guha stated 'The horrific murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2, has shaken the world. The US and Western nations, long allies of the House of Saud, who had often overlooked the human rights abuse in that country, cannot ignore this barbaric murder of a columnist of The Washington Post. The fact that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Turkey, shows how confident Riyadh was about its power. They possibly believed that the West long used to lucrative deals with Saudi Arabia would swallow the lies fabricated in Riyadh.

Jamal Khashoggi, once close to the Saudi Royals, had been increasingly critical of the new dispensation. In fact , realsing the danger to his life, Khashoggi had moved out of Saudi Arabia. The man did not realize the long arm of the powers that be. The man who calls the shots in Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, commonly called MBS, over stretched his arm this time around.

The Crown Prince may have been the darling of the US and the Western world with his promise of reform. Raising the bogey of Iran, Saudi Arabia has been able to convince the US that its war in Yemen was to counter Iran’s influence in the region.

Indiscriminate bombing of civilians, targeting a bus full of school children and an economic blockade which has led to near famine conditions have all been tolerated by the US, in the name of containing Iran. But the murder of Khashoggi has somewhat struck a chord which even the killing of children did not evoke.

President Donald Trump and son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, may have excellent relations with MBS, but even for them this latest act of MBS has been hard to defend. The US Congress, cutting across party lines, the media as well as all right thinking people have been horrified by this medieval brutality.

America’s transactional president have spoken of the billions that the US earns from Saudi Arabia as an excuse for not selling arms to Riyadh. But the weight of public opinion is going against MBS and Riyadh. Even Trump admitted that Khashoggi could not have been killed with the knowledge of the Crown Prince. 'After all he calls the shots..’’ Trump admitted.

The murder trial leads up to MBS. Caught on the wrong foot, the Saudis have been giving different versions of the murder. As usual the fall guy has to be anyone but the Crown Prince. So now it is a rouge operation. Two plane load of murderes, including men who were part of MBS’s security detail were dispatched to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to not just murder Khashoggi but mutiliate his body. The family has not yet got the remains of their loved one back.

Despite the cover up the world knows who is responsible for Khashoggi’s death. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already declared that her country will not sell arms to Saudi Arabia. American leaders love to lecture the world on human rights. Of couse Donald Trump is an exception. Undepr him the US had walked out of the UN Human Rights Council. But even he cannot ignore the voices of the Republican lawmakers. Trump will be under enormous pressure to show his disapproval through action.

Turkey’s President Erdogan has from the beginning been calling for trial of Khashoggi’s murderers in the country where the crime had taken place. It is important for journalists across the world to jointly ask for action against the torture and killing of Jamal.

Reporters from across the world should sign a petition and send it across to the UNSC for tought action against Riyadh.

It is time to say enough is enough to Saudi Arabia. Just because you have oil money does not mean that you can get away with murder.'
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