Economic analyst: Hezbollah sanction targeting Lebanon's economy, government

Beirut, Oct 29, IRNA- Lebanese economic analyst Elie Yachoui in an interview with IRNA emphasized that contrary to the claims of US officials, because of the close connection between Hezbollah and the government and various Lebanese groups, US sanctions target the entire Lebanese economy and government.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, signed a Congressional law on the intensification of sanctions against Hezbollah a few days ago.

“The sanctions have financial implications, and the purpose is to cut off ways to finance Hezbollah and influence its military capability,” said Yachoui about the new round of US sanctions against Hezbollah.

He added that in the new sanctions, any individuals and entities inside and outside Lebanon linked to Hezbollah will be subject to US sanctions.

The Lebanese analyst described the implementation of recent US sanctions as difficult and inaccurate. According to him, anyone interacting with Hezbollah, his property is confiscated or blacklisted, or accused of supporting terrorism and crime and this is unclear.

In response to a question on how much Hezbollah will be damaged by the new sanctions, Yachoui said that Hezbollah's secretary general acknowledged that the party's financial interactions would be carried out in a cashless way away from the banking system. But nevertheless, the popular base and party supporters will be targeted.

He also pointed to the impacts of new sanctions on the Lebanese government and economy, saying 'the US president said he was not targeting the Lebanese government, but the issue is that the government is interacting with Hezbollah, and that the party is part of the cabinet. That means sanctions also target the Lebanese government, and the first target of those sanctions is the government.”

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