Murdered journo was to reveal info on Saudi chemical raids in Yemen: Paper

Tehran, Oct 29, IRNA – The Saudi critic journalist, who was murdered last month in Saudi consulate in Istanbul, had planned to disclose details of Saudi Arabia's use of chemical weapons in Yemen, a London-based paper quoted informed sources as saying.

Last night a close friend of Jamal Khashoggi revealed that he was about to obtain “documentary evidence” proving claims that Saudi Arabia had used chemical weapons in its proxy war in Yemen, the Sunday Express quoted a close friend of Jamal Khashoggi, who spoke to the daily on condition of anonymity.

“I met him a week before his death. He was unhappy and he was worried,“ the Middle Eastern academic, was quoted as saying.

“When I asked him why he was worried, he didn't really want to reply, but eventually he told me he was getting proof that Saudi Arabia had used chemical weapons. He said he hoped he be getting documentary evidence.'

The London-based daily also suggested it has learned through its sources that the UK intelligence service was informed of the plot against Khashoggi nearly three weeks ahead of his killing through eavesdropping phone conversations between Saudi officials.

An intelligence official has told Sunday Express, “These details included primary orders to capture Mr Khashoggi and bring him back to Saudi Arabia for questioning. However, the door seemed to be left open for alternative remedies to what was seen as a big problem.'

The source went on to say they know the orders came from the Saudi royal family but there was no direct information to link the orders to the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Sunday Express source claimed the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) had warned Riyadh one day before abducting the journalist, urging the cancellation of the plan, but the Saudi officials had turned a deaf ear to the demand.

The UK government has not yet reacted to the report and UK officials have so far refused to directly condemn Riyadh.

Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi critic journalist entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October second to collect paperwork for his forthcoming marriage, but never went back to his fiancée who was awaiting him in front of the consulate.

After 18 days of silence and rejecting claims that Khashoggi was killed, the Saudi government finally bowed down to international pressure, particularly from Turkey, on October 20th and claimed the prominent journalist was killed in what it called 'a fist-fight' inside Istanbul consulate.

Documents released by the media, however, indicate 15 Saudi intelligence agents who were deployed by the crown prince to Istanbul were in charge of murdering the journalist.


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