Bin Salman's negative image in world public opinion cannot be corrected

Beirut, Oct 28, IRNA- Lebanese journalist and analyst Habib Fayyaz, in an interview with IRNA, pointing to the Saudi journalist's murder Jamal khashoggi and the charges against the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, emphasized that his disrupted and negative image in world public opinion cannot be changed.

Fayyaz said that Saudi Arabia has been in its weakest state ever since it was formed. The problem is the image that has been created in the world public opinion from bin Salman. No one can clean the crime, lying and stupidity from his image in the minds of billions of people. Saudi Arabia can lie or US President Donald Trump can cover up the country's crime, but they cannot control the issue.

Fayyad reiterated his assessment of the recent speech by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about the killing of khashoggi, and said 'Erdogan's remarks, just the part mentioning King Salman's position, had a harsh literature against Saudi Arabia.' The President of the Republic of Turkey spoke of the necessity of trial of those involved in this crime. He emphasized that this crime was not coincidental and has been premeditated.

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