Implementation of Eurasian Cooperation Agreement on Gilan province agenda

Rasht, Oct 27, IRNA - The implementation of the Eurasian Union Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is very important for Gilan and it is being followed up seriously, Governor of Gilan Mustafa Salari said.

Salari reiterated the necessity of a serious follow-up to the implementation of the Eurasian Union Memorandum on Saturday at the 43rd meeting of the Council of Dialogue between Government and private sector in the Gilan province, adding, 'Most of this agreement is national, but given that Gilan has benefits in this area, we must follow up with the related department.'

He cited six months of cooperation pact of the Eurasian Union, and said, 'The Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the private sector, industry, mining and commerce, represented the government in the province and will be responsible for following up on the operation of this memorandum.'

The Government's high representative in Gilan also assessed the need for rail access to the Caspian Sea to be an important step, saying that effective follow-ups have been made and overall agreements have been made and are being consulted in the process of entering the executive process.


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