World Handicrafts Council begins evaluation of Meybod's Zilu registration

Yazd, Oct 27, IRNA - Assessors of the World Handicrafts Council entered the city of Meybod in Yazd Province on Saturday to review and evaluate the global registration of Zilu (cotton carpet) of Meybod.

Experts, all three women from India, Kuwait and Iran, have started their visit to Zilubafan of Meybod, and then continue to visit the Narin Castle, the Shah Abbasi complex and the four Zilu weaving workshops, and then go to the Bashnian neighborhood in Ziloweavers market. Later, two workshops of Zilu of Welfare Department, Zilu Museum, photo exhibitions and documentation of this product are to be visited.

Chairman of Meybod Zilu working group said, “We have made a great effort to globally register the Zilu of Meybod.The city has a high capacity, and we have rebuilt this capacity over the past two months and we hope to reach the desirable result.'

Zilu is considered as evolved cane carpet and is chiefly made of light cotton, which is suitable for tropical regions.

Weaving Zilu has been practiced in Iranian cities of Meybod and Kashan since 12th century AH.

The oldest and the most valuable existing Zilu dates back to 850 years ago which is on display in Meybod Zilu Museum.


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