Oct 27, 2018, 3:52 PM
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Middle copper, stone era pottery discovered in western Iran

Tehran, Oct 27, IRNA - In the probing operations to determine the limits and privacy of Tappeh Khandan (Khandan Hill) in Hamedan, pottery works belonging to the Middle Copper and Stone periods were discovered.

The discovered pottery dates back to the Middle Copper and Stone, New Copper and Stone, Bronze Age (Yaniq), the Historic (the Parthian and the Sassanid) and the Islamic periods.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted Reza Nazari Arshad, the head of the probing operations for determination of the limits and privacy of the hill in Hamedan, as saying that the fertile plain of Hamedan-Bahar, with an area of over 500 km, located on the northern slopes of the Alvand Mountain, has attracted the attention of different groups of people with different biological and archeological cultures due to its proper ecological conditions.

He referred to Pisa, Hegmataneh, Zino-Abad and Khandan hills as the most important sites of the plain and noted that Tappeh Khandan with a span of over 5 hectares is located within agricultural lands of the historical village of Amza Jard (Mazda Kart = Mazda Gard) and Joraqan.

Nazari Arshad, who is a faculty member and assistant professor of archeology, said the area with an approximate dimension of 300 meters in 150 meters and with the north-south extension, is the largest enclosure of the Copper and Stone era in the plain of Hamedan.

Pointing to the damage inflicted on the site due to unauthorized excavations and by plunders of cultural heritage, he said with regard to the status quo and with the purpose of determining the limits and legal privacy of the enclosure, protective rules and regulations about the site plan has been adopted for the future archeological operations.

In conclusion, he referred to creation of 18 boreholes around the area and said the real limits and privacy of Tappeh Khandan has been identified.


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