Oct 27, 2018, 12:49 PM
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Half of Yemen on the brink of famine: UN

Tehran, Oct 27, IRNA – United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator has warned half of the population of Yemen - nearly 14 million people in the war-torn nation- may soon be on the brink of famine and depend on humanitarian assistance to survive.

'My assessment is that there is now a clear and present danger of an imminent and great big famine engulfing Yemen: much bigger than anything any professional in this field has seen during their working lives,' Mark Lowcock said recently.

He said during the last 20 years, two famines were declared in the world: once in Somalia in 2011 and once in southern Sudan last year, but the scale of famine in Yemen is 'shocking.'

Lowcock noted the United Nations is currently coordinating aid transfer to nearly eight million people in Yemen and said the economic crisis and the continuing battles around the port of Hodeidah have further aggravated the humanitarian crisis.

He called for a humanitarian ceasefire, safeguarding food aid and crucial supplies throughout the country, as well as larger and faster injection of foreign currencies through the Central Bank in the country, and increased humanitarian support and the engagement of the warring parties in Yemen peace talks.

'The immune systems of millions of people on survival support for years on end are now are literally collapsing, making them – especially children and the elderly – more likely to succumb to malnutrition, cholera and other diseases.' The UN official stressed.

Since March 2015, a coalition of several Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia and the go-ahead and assistance from the United States launched assaults on Yemen, the Arab world's poorest country, under the pretext of bringing the ousted Yemeni President Mansour Hadi back to office.

The Saudi incursion into Yemen has thus far claimed the lives of 16,000 innocent Yemenis and has razed the country to the ground.


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