Big powers using disinformation to threaten other countries: FANA Chief

Baku, Oct 26, IRNA – The big powers are resorting to disinformation to threaten and attack other countries, Head of Arab News Agencies Union said on Friday.

'Disinformation is a kind of psychological war,' Secretary General of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) Farid Ayar said, adding that certain countries' meddling in internal affairs of other countries, regardless of the countries' political systems, is unacceptable.

He was addressing a forum of media chiefs, titled 'Disinformation Policy- A Threat to Stability in the Modern World', held in Baku.

No country, including the US, is allowed to interfere in other countries' affairs, he said, arguing that the interference is 'not permitted' under international law.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) Armela Krasniqi referred to challenges posed by Internet to the media to distinguish information from disinformation.

She noted that the states, even those at the developed countries, do not have enough power and capability to confront the phenomenon of disinformation.

Director of the Lebanese National News Agency (LNNA) Lora Suleiman at the meeting called for identifying the agents and sources of disinformation.

The forum was held as a part of the 6th Baku International Humanitarian Forum that opened in Republic of Azerbaijan on Thursday.

Some 580 figures from 97 countries and 24 international organizations attended the event.

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