Oct 26, 2018, 3:25 PM
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US military power curbed by Iran’s defensive power: cleric

Tehran, Oct 26, IRNA – The defensive power of the Islamic Republic of Iran has curbed the military power of the United States, said Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader Hojjatoleslam Mohammad-Hassan Abutorabi Fard.

“Today the war machine of this country (the US) and the Zionists has been stuck in the mud, and the Muslim Ummah is at its optimum power,” Hojjatoleslam Abutorabi Fard said, while addressing a large crowd of worshippers in the Iranian capital.

He noted that the US' policies on Iran are 'not just.' They are rather against two billion people across the world, he added.

He said that Iran’s strategy is to prevent any kind of war in the region by means of its deterrent defensive power.

Iran aims not to allow the US, that is seeking to fuel war in the Muslim world, to think about this goal even for a moment and to take a single step in this way, the cleric said.

Expressing hope about the end of war in the region in the light of courage of great nations of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Palestine, Abutorabi Fard said the Saudi regime, whose only supporter is the US president, cannot continue with its warmongering efforts.

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