Oct 25, 2018, 10:40 PM
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Terrorists in Syria possess advanced technical capabilities

Tehran, Oct 25, IRNA - Russian deputy defense minister says terrorist organizations in Syria possess technical capabilities enabling them to discover radio frequencies used by Russian warplanes which proves that int'l parties support them as they cannot produce such equipment.

During the 8th Xiangshan Forum for Security, held in Beijing, Alexander Fomin said that an American Poseidon 8 reconnaissance aircraft directed the 13 drones which launched an attack against Hmeimim Airbase in the beginning of the current year, SANA reported from Beijing.

The Russian official called for stopping to supply terrorists with high tech equipment and modern weapons, indicating at the same time that the drones were affected by Russian electronic jamming as they withdrew to a certain distance, yet they were destroyed.

He affirmed the impossibility of reaching an agreement with terrorists, “It is impossible to reach an agreement or truce with terrorists, they should be only eliminated…There are no good and bad terrorists, therefore, we should eliminate them, and we shouldn’t wait them to increase and to reach our houses.”

“That is the reason why Russia hadn’t hesitated for a moment to help the Syrian Government in eliminating international terrorists in Syria,” Fomin said.

Fomin added that over the past years, the Syrian army, backed by the Russian military forces, liberated large areas of the country from Daesh (ISIS) terrorists and the groups of robbers who joined them.

The Russian Deputy Defense Minister warned that terrorists who are fleeing from Syria and Iraq are heading for Asia and the Pacific Ocean areas which are enjoying today a political and economic stability.

He added that the financial, economic and political stability in Asia and the Pacific Ocean is today facing dangerous challenges and threats after terrorists started to flow to them fleeing from other areas.
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