Iran's health minister departs for Kazakhstan to participate in Alma-Ata summit

Tehran, Oct 24, IRNA - Iran's Minister of Health departed for Kazakhstan to participate in the 40th Anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration.

Mohsen Asadi Lari, Deputy Minister of Health in International Affairs, announced the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the 40th anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration in Kazakhstan, and said, 'At this ceremony, our country's health minister will meet with the ministers of health of Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Russia.'

'In 1977, at the 30th World Health Assembly in the former Soviet Union (Kazakhstan Alma Ata), the slogan of “Health for All” (HFA 2000) was announced and the Alma-Ata Declaration was released,' he said about the 40th anniversary of the Alma-Ata statement in Kazakhstan.

The deputy minister of health in international affairs said the goal of the Alma-Ata Declaration was to give all the people of the world access to a level of physical, mental and social well-being in the year 2000 and added, “This statement is intended to enable all people to have an effective and productive life.”

Asadi Lari also said, 'On the sidelines of this summit, the Health Minister will meet ministries of health in the countries of the world, and it is planned to conclude a comprehensive healthcare agreement with a number of these countries. Also, our country's Minister of Health will meet with the Russian Minister of Health.'


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