Oct 22, 2018, 3:52 PM
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Democrats victorious in polls, Trump 'finished': US ex-Pol

New York, Oct 21, IRNA – Former chief of staff of US Secretary of State Colin Powel, Lawrence Wilkerson, says the US President Donald Trump is finished.

'If the elections go dramatically against the republicans, then the entire power equation in Washington is changed overnight,' Wilkerson told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in a recent interview, referring to the midterm congress election next month.

If Democrats win the elections, at least in one of the parliaments, they will follow the impeachment, which they avoid fixing on in case it would 'energize Trump's space', and Trump is going to focus just on surviving and nothing else, Wilkerson said.

Answering a question about a change in National Security Advisor John Bolton's personality as claimed by Trump, he said, 'I don’t think John [Bolton] is capable of changing.' He has just pulled in some of his rougher edges, adding that Bolton or even Trump may not be able to survive the first term.

Bolton is now doing 'the rocketman business' for Trump – a role which Trump himself did before. He is using Bolton as 'the rough edge'.

He also said that Nikki Haley's resignation is 'a very strategic move' to go back to Washington and may have soothing to do with her possible future vice-presidency or even presidency.

He added that Iran is a point where Trump and Bolton may collide; if 'crippling sanctions', as Trump put it, don’t work and President Hassan Rouhani and other Iranian authorities are able to ride the sanctions out, you will see John Bolton getting more and more anxious and willing to suggest military force. 'If that happens, Matis will stand directly on John's way.' Then Trump will decide which one stays and which one goes.

He, of course, cast doubt on if this may happen. Because once the mid-term result come and the democrat get at least one of the house and start the investigations, 'Trump will have no free time ... and many of the foreign policy issues will into the background.'

Saying that he is 'ashamed of this administration... and America', he said the sanctions are going to affect the humanitarian assistance, food and many everything that are 'off-limits for the sanctions'.

Regarding European resistance against the US pressures toward sanctions on Iran, Wilkerson said, 'I have seen a lot of unity and haven't seen a lot of action.'

Bolton is so anti-Iranian because he has been under influence of some friends and colleagues, like Frank Gaffney and Fred Fleitz, who hate Islam and consider Islam 'the greatest threat to their power'.

Gaffney spends millions of dollars against Islam and fears that 'Sharia law is coming' to the US.

Wilkerson said Bolton is motivated by 'his ambition and quest for power' and 'an ideology that is poisonous and dangerous'.

He also said that Bolton was for bashing North Korea, Syrian President Bashar Assad, when the latter two were cooperating with us against terrorism.

Colonel Wilkerson said that the Trump has compared Matis with Democrats, which is considered a political insult amongst Republicans, adding removing Matis will be very costly because he is very respected in the Pentagon, which is 'the most powerful bureaucracy in the US Government' and whose budget is $700 billion and has one million armed members, most of whom believe that 'Matis is their protector' and 'the wise man in the crazy administration'.

However, Trump may do it, regardless of the consequences, he added.

About the remote possibility that Senator Tom Cotton may replace Matis, Wilkerson said that if this happens, it will actually send the message to the rest of the world that 'This administration is no longer grounded in any sanity,' and will 'drop the morale of the US armed forced considerably'.

Defining Trump as 'a narcissist' who stands no opposition and 'lies consistently to reinforce his own image', Wilkerson said that Trump doesn’t tolerate anyone around him that reflects differently than what he wants.

'Sober, reasonable, logical gentleman', i.e Matis, is a threat to narcissist Trump.

However, Trump doesn’t want war with Iran, Syria, Russia, China, or anyone else. He prefers to have meeting with Rouhani or Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif, like that of Kim Jong-un, which is highly improbable, he added.

Regarding Jamal Khashoggi's murder in the Saudi consulate in Turkey, he said most probably Mohammed bin Salman will say 'we caught them ... We cut their heads off; now, everyone, forgive us,' and Trump will say 'See? Justice has been achieved. The people who did this are dead.'

Then Trump will go back to the 100-billoin dollar arms sales and supporting the Saudis in war against Yemen, which would be 'tragic and shameful,' he said.

He also predicted that Mohammad bin Salman won't survive the year.


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