Mercenary Arabs giving Quds lands to Zionists

Ramallah, Oct 21, IRNA - Attallah Hanna, the orthodox bishop of Palestine, reiterated that some of the personalities and Arab countries in an evident treason would sell the Palestinian lands in Quds to the Zionists and transfer their property to settlers in evident treason.

The suspicious transactions of the Aqaba Darwish lands in the occupied Quds and the transfer of ownership to the Zionist settlers in early October once again raised the Palestinian land crisis, a subject many people suspect because the Palestinians are neglecting and selling their lands to Jews.

Hanna, in a exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), called the Palestinian situation in Quds critical, saying that Arab countries are involved in crisis of Palestine's real estate and lands in Guds.

The orthodox bishop of Palestine said this matter was a very suspicious thing and said that there are some mercenaries, dealers and traitors who have sold themselves and their faith and identity to a handful of dollars.

He added that these mercenaries and traitors had existed from 1948 and 1967 and that they always played a devastating role in the city of Quds.

Hanna described the situation in Quds for what happened in previous years and the sale of Palestinian homes and lands as disaster, saying, “The person who comes to this holy city sees that there are many houses and buildings on the roof of which the flags of the occupation regime are installed.'

The religious leader of Palestine, pointing out that the process of transferring ownership of this real estate by some well-known people who later escaped to the United States, Australia, Europe and other countries, noted that some of these people will continue their works.


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