Iran will never allow its soil to be used against Pakistan: Envoy

Islamabad, Oct 20, IRNA - Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan says his country will never allow its soil to be used against the interests of friendly neighbor Pakistan.

Ambassador Mehdi Honardoost made the remarks while having an interactive session with Pakistani media representatives at Iranian embassy in Islamabad.

“We will never allow anyone to misuse our territory against our brother Pakistan,” he said.

He noted that two countries of Iran and Pakistan have a lot of commonalities in the world and the region as well. The envoy noted that looking towards region is part of Iran’s foreign policy. He added that lack of information is a big hurdle between Iran and Pakistan.

He strongly believed that cooperation among the regional states is only forward to overcome regional problems. He added that Iran and Pakistan are like part of the same family and Iran desires strengthening of more ties with Pakistan.

Ambassador Honardoost noted Iran and Pakistan, being two major Muslim countries, have lots of potential to strengthen regional cooperation against written scenario by other countries which are against the unity in the Muslim world.

He said that differences among Muslim countries pave the way for intervention of arrogant powers in our region.

The envoy expressing his views said that in the past two years Iran and Pakistan have achieved so many things in bilateral ties noting that bilateral trade volume between the two states has reached upto $1.3 billion from $500 million in the past two years.

He noted that we have achieved this figure without any banking ties which is hundred percent possible. He was confident that future of Iran-Pakistan friendship is very bright.

The envoy added that no one can find any misunderstanding between Iran and Pakistan and the relations are mutually beneficial.

Ambassador Mehdi Honardoost added that Iran and Pakistan also enjoy good cooperation at international and regional forums.

Highlighting the importance of media, he said that embassy of Iran is open to the Pakistan media as there should be a link between the media of the two countries. He said that Iranian TV channels and films should be available to Pakistani public. “Why are our youngsters looking towards Western societies,” he asked.

He added that Iran in some branches of science is one of the best countries in the world. He noted that Iran in Nano and Bio technologies is even better than the European countries.

He said that Iran is fully ready to share its experience with Pakistan in science and technology and all other sectors.

The diplomat said that Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has always stressed for enhanced ties with Pakistan.

“Our people deserve better trade,” he pointed out. He added that if you enhance your trade you create more jobs. He said that Iran and Pakistan are moving forward to sign Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

He said that Iran has spent $2 billion to bring the Iranian gas to Pakistan and is looking towards Pakistan to complete the IP gas pipeline project. He was of the view that if Iranian gas comes to Pakistan it will help Pakistan to solve its energy problems and will also create more jobs.

“We cannot leave our interests on the mercy of West,” said Mehdi Honardoost.

He said Iran believes in regional cooperation and convergence adding that what is the reason for the presence of foreign forces in our region and Muslim countries. “They are responsible for the crisis in Syria, Yemen and the other Muslim countries,” the diplomat said.

“Our common enemies are laughing at us, it is really regrettable,” said the ambassador. He said unfortunately some Muslim countries are playing in the hands of big powers.

The envoy said big powers are under Iran-phobia because Iran is a rich country and full of knowledge.

Replying to a question he said Iran is tarrying to boost media cooperation with Pakistan and is ready to take any steps in this regards.

The ambassador said, 'We say ‘No’ to American policy in the region and for last four decades we are standing against imperialism. “We have paid a lot of price for standing against imperialism,” he said. He added that regional countries cannot trust world powers.

Mehdi Honardoost went on to say that why the money from the pocket of Muslim countries flies to the pocket of Americans.

The ambassador added that terrorists from the world have gathered in Syria to destabilize the legitimate government of the country. “What was the result and why have you repeated this in Yemen,” he asked.

He said that people of Iran have a very bad memory of Americans. He said that Iran does not want atomic bomb and Americans know it very well.

The diplomat added after 10 years we have reached an agreement and the US pulled out of it just to put pressure on Iran. “I am not optimistic about Iran-US relations because of the bullying approach of the US,” he said.

Mehdi Honardoost expressing his views said that Muslim countries should set aside their differences for the stability and prosperity of the Muslim world. “We have to see why the 90 percent of the destruction is happening in Muslim world,” the envoy viewed. “We must enhance our cooperation,” stated the ambassador.

The diplomat said that we are sorry that youngsters of Pakistan are not very well versed in Persian language. He said Saadi belongs to the whole Muslim world and national poet of Pakistan and thinker Allama Iqbal is famous in Iran more than Pakistan. He noted that replacing the Persian language with English as the official language of the sub-continent was a political decision.

Mehdi Honardoost added that Iran and Pakistan have common concerns on border. He added that both countries are victims of human and drug trafficking. He said Iran and Pakistan need to further enhance their cooperation to stop the menace of human and drug trafficking which pose a serious threat to the youngsters of both countries.

“People-to-people contact is more important than government-to-government contact,” pointed out the diplomat.

He said that presence of Daesh which is child of big powers in Afghanistan is a matter of great concern for both Iran and Pakistan.

He said China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a game changer and is vital and pivotal for regional development. The Iranian ambassador said Iran welcomes participation of any Arab country in the CPEC project.


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