Pak analyst urges govt to cooperate with Iran on border guards' incident

Islamabad, Oct 19, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani analyst says Pakistan must help Iran investigate the attack on border guards and use its intelligence agencies as well as the security agencies to punish the culprits.

In an interview with IRNA, Lieutenant General (Retd) Talat Masood said the act has to be condemned strongly and it is something which civilized countries do not tolerate.

“It does not help Iran-Pakistan relations and also shows that border needs far greater vigilance,” he said.

Fourteen Basij (volunteer forces) and border guards were abducted by terrorists in Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan border with Pakistan.

Jaish al-Adl, terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the act. In this regard, there has been contact between the Directors General (Military Operations) of Iran and Pakistan.

Lieutenant General (Retd) Talat Masood added that probably those who do not want to see good relations between Iran and Pakistan are behind this attack.

He said that there are anti-Shia forces here which think that they must harm to anyone who does not belong to their sect so their hand in this attack cannot be ruled out. “These groups are operating on the border,” he noted.

The analyst said that certainly anti-Shia or anti-Iranian groups could be involved in this incident, who are operating on the border and who are paid by the others.

The expert was of the view that Pakistan can do a lot to help Iran investigate the matter. “It should be a joint investigation and Pakistan must use its intelligence agencies as well as the security agencies to do their best,” Talat Masood noted.

He added that Pakistan can also use the people at the border although the population is very thin to trace the people behind the attack.

“Pakistan must persuade this matter very diligently and not forget it after a certain while because it has been the history that the case like this occurs and then the government does not pay the sufficient attention and the case is forgotten,” the analyst said.

He added that there has to be persistence and sustained efforts towards finding the culprits and bring them to justice.

Talat Masood added that all those forces which are operating on the border must be taken to task and prevented measures would be very helpful to prevent such attacks in future.
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