Pakistan should help Iran locating abducted security personnel: Pak dailies

Islamabad, Oct 19, IRNA -- leading Pakistan dailies strongly believe that Pakistan should extend all out cooperation to Iran to locate and recover its abducted security and intelligence personnel.

Fourteen Basij (volunteer forces) and border guards were abducted by terrorists in Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan border with Pakistan.

Jaish al-Adl, terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the act. In this regard, there has been contact between the Directors General (Military Operations) of Iran and Pakistan.

Daily ‘Dawn’ in its editorial comments said that periodic violence along the Pakistan-Iran border has the potential to escalate into a full-blown crisis if not managed adroitly, particularly at a time when regional tensions are high.

“It is therefore welcome that the Pakistani state appears to be taking seriously the recent abduction of Iranian border guards and intelligence officers from along the Pak-Iran border,” it said.

The paper said what matters first and foremost is for Pakistan to do its utmost to help recover the kidnapped security personnel and intelligence officers, either by locating them inside Pakistan or sharing intelligence with Iran of their presence in a neighbouring country.

“Timely and efficient intelligence cooperation, or a security operation if necessary, can help prevent diplomatic tensions from escalating,” said Dawn.

The editorial said from Prime Minister Imran Khan to the military leadership in Pakistan, there is a consensus that friendly ties with Tehran should be maintained and enhanced; helping Iran locate and recover its abducted security and intelligence personnel would help maintain cooperative bilateral ties.

It added certainly, Pakistan should extend reasonable cooperation. It went on to say that the vast border region between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan is exploited by myriad criminal groups, smuggling organisations and militant networks that move easily between the countries.

“Pakistan and Iran must maintain friendly ties because that is in their best interest,” viewed Dawn.

Another daily ‘Pakistan Today’ in its editorial said that militants holed up on the Pakistani side of the long 900km border with Iran killing and/or kidnapping Iranian border guards is hardly a new phenomenon.

“It has happened many times and the Iranians are naturally very serious about their security,” the paper said. It said fortunately, both sides were able to work successfully towards a much needed de-escalation.

“So far after such incidents both sides have been mindful not to play into the hands of terrorists. One of their principal aims – in addition to killing Iranians, of course – is sowing seeds of discord among the neighbours,” noted the editorial.

Pakistan Today added as DG Military Operations of the two countries coordinate the rescue effort, it is imperative that Islamabad and Tehran not fall out over the matter.

“Fortunately the two foreign ministers had a constructive and timely telephone exchange. And even though a quick and successful release of the abducted guards is hoped for, it is imperative that the two governments sit down and find a final solution to this problem,” said the paper.
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