Oct 19, 2018, 11:46 AM
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Importance of Iranian market emphasized at London conference

London, Oct 19, IRNA -- Participants in the Prospect and Development of British-Iranian Business Relations conference described the Iranian market as important and lucrative despite the withdrawal of the United States of Iranian nuclear deal and the resumption of sanctions.

Lord Norman Lamont, referring to the strategic relationship between Britain and the United States, said, 'Britain's alignment with Europe and opposition to the United States on the subject of JCPOA is a great step.'

He added, 'Britain and Europe are willing to observe the JCPOA's continuation. They are willing to maintain it for the sake of the benefits and because it can be the ground for discussing other topics in the future.

'Sometimes the Iranians are not aware of the importance of this issue, which is a great deal for Britain to expose itself to opposition to the United States,' the British politician said. 'We know, of course, that the Iranians are not particularly satisfied with Britain, being the US' ally. But the alliance with Europe and opposition to Americathis is a great step.'

Lamont further claimed that the sanctions were being used excessively and said, 'The British government believes that more emphasis has been placed on the issue of sanctions.'

The British politician described the sanction as an economic tool for achieving political goals and insisted that sanctions targeted most of the poor people in Iran. In this regard, he cited the 'emerging crises in the field of humanitarian goods, such as medicine.'

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