Iran's top military cmdr: No decision can be applicable in region without Iran

Yasouj, Oct 15, IRNA -- Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the policies of the region and the world are tied to Iran's strategic and political power and no decision is applicable without Iran's effective presence in the region.

Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said on Tuesday, 'Today, the military and defense conditions of the Islamic Republic are available from all sides to overcome and win decisively and clearly on the enemy.'

He stated, 'The last advances have come from the battle against the enemy, and this is the very strong one that we have repeatedly presented with the leadership of the revolution and we will wake the world with it.'

Salami highlighted the abundant economic capacities, resources and talents along with Iran's defense and security powers and said, 'The key to victory in the economic dimension is to rely on internal power and existing capacities, and in the field of war and psychological operations, it is the knowledge about enemy that resulted in this awareness and consciousness.'

The deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps said, 'The Iranian nation represents a history of a comprehensive Jihad against arrogance over the past four decades.'

He recalled that the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly been fighting psychological, military, political, economic, intelligence, security, cultural, social and even ideological wars with the enemy.

Salami noted that today's enemy has not only been pushed back but suffered a fiasco.

He said that some think that some of America's superficial pressures and arrogance in the economic or political sphere are due to his overcoming, while today the enemy and the criminal America have no way but to put pressure on them.


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