Oct 16, 2018, 2:07 PM
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Trump has blood on his hands: Analyst

Tehran, Oct 16, IRNA - A writer and analyst for CNN said on Tuesday the US president has always thrown his weight behind repressive regimes, and he has Saudi critic journalist's blood on his hands.

CNN correspondent Brian Todd referred to the disappearance or murder of Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and said analysts say the US president's u-turn on Pyongyang, calling North Korean leader 'honorable' and keeping quiet about authoritarian leaders 'could almost be called Trump doctrine.'

Todd said based on the doctrine, President Trump blindly supports 'dictators who have shown favor toward him.'

The US President's 'unwavering support for the Saudi Royal family and other repressive regimes' is further tarnishing Washington's image, he went on to say.
The CNN correspondent added analysts worry that such attitude by the US president towards the leaders of countries such as Saudi Arabia, North Korea and even Vladimir Putin will prevent them from stopping inappropriate behavior.

In the same vein, Michael D' Antonio, analyst and author of The Truth About Trump, said, given Trump's comments on the press and the media, labeling them 'enemy of the people', he believes Trump has blood on his hands since his policies have paved the way for countries such as Saudi Arabia to break the law.

The 59-year-old Saudi investigative journalist, who had left the country since Bin Salman was named Crown Prince and moved to the US, vanished on October second after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to collect documents for his forthcoming marriage.

Some unofficial news sources say Saudi security agents have tortured and brutally murdered the prominent journalist inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, cutting his body up into pieces.


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