Oct 15, 2018, 5:29 PM
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Iran, global pioneer in destroying drug smuggling bands: Police

Tehran, Oct 15, IRNA – Iran has discovered over 500 tons of different kinds of illegal drugs and annihilated 1,290 drug-smuggling bands in 2017, the chief of Iran Anti-Narcotics Police said on Monday.

Since March, 2018, Iran has busted 403 tons of illegal drugs, Brigadier General Mohammad Massoud Zahedian told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in the Iranian capital.

The figure is a record across the world compared to previous years, General Zahedian said.

Iran is world pioneer in countering drug smuggling activities and is also the biggest one as long as annihilation of drug bands is concerned, he stressed.

Elaborating on the obstacles on the way to fight drug smuggling, the official said that cultivation and production of opium in Afghanistan is becoming complicated day by day.

In line with the counter-narcotics moves in Afghanistan, some Western states entered the country in 2001; however, their presence was not effective, and it seems it worsened the situation and led to increase in opium production in Afghanistan, he said.

He further said that Iran should bring more security to its borders as the global community has not yet taken effective steps towards combating the phenomenon.

Referring to the US anti-Iran sanctions, the police official said that the bans also include narcotics detection equipment and can have negative impact on Iran’s anti-drug activities.

Representatives from the member countries as well as the United Nations (UN) officials attended the Tehran CICA event.

Some 3,890 Iranian anti-narcotics police were killed and some 12,000 were injured while fighting narcotics smugglers, official figures suggest.


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