Pak ex-envoy urges unity in Muslim world for larger interest

Islamabad, Oct 15, IRNA - Ex-Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, strongly believes that Muslim world has to unite in the larger interest of Ummah.

In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Shamshad Ahmad Khan said that Iranian and Saudi involvement in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a natural phenomenon because of the geopolitical realities of today.

He said that 'we have long history of fraternal relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia and we also share Islamic bonds'.

Former foreign secretary went on to say that Pakistan has to take steps regarding its ties with Iran keeping in view its national interests. “We must not be afraid from anybody,” he added.

“Time has come for us now that it is not important for us to do everything in other peoples’ interests, whatever we do, should be in our own interests,” said the former ambassador.

The expert said that Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are located in a manner which can genuinely promote the interest of the entire region as we all as the Muslim world.

He said Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have to play a leadership role in bringing the Muslim world at a one point. “They can play a very crucial role,” said the analyst.

Ex-Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations added that all these countries can create stability in the Muslim world. “But we have to think upper than the divisive tendencies, today there is a need for unity,” he said.

Shamshad Ahmad Khan expressing his views said that we have to shun our differences and forge a unity in order to survive. “Eventually we have to turn into a Muslim Nato so that we could play a role in global decision making,” said the former ambassador.

Former foreign secretary said this group should represent the true sentiment of Muslim world and not like the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC). “We have to take urgent steps in this regard as we have already lost so many decades,” added the expert.

He warned that 'we have come to a point where some Muslim countries' face extinction. He added that Muslim countries cannot just survive on western support. “You should be now assuming ownership of you own resources,” said the analyst.

The expert on international affairs said that despite having 70 percent of oil and gas resources 'our share' in global economy is just 5 percent. “We have to improve our trade and banking ties instead of just having ties with west,” added Shamshad Ahmad Khan.


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