Iranian documentary on rare venomous snake to be screened in England

Tehran, Oct 14, IRNA -- Iranian documentary, titled ‘In the Realm of the Spider-Tailed Viper’, directed by Fathollah Amiri, will be screened at England’s Wildscreen Festival in Bristol during October 15-19.

The organizers of the festival, including David Attenborough — British broadcaster and natural historian, invited an Iranian farmer, Mahmoud Nasiri, who appears in the documentary to attend the festival.

Amiri said that Nasiri, who comes from the western Iranian city of Ilam — the viper’s habitat — helped him in compiling the data.

The documentary features some of the behavioral aspects of spider-tailed horned viper, also known as Pseudocerastes Urarachnoides.

This type of viper was first discovered in western Iran in 2006 by Iranian environmentalist Hamid Bostanchi and Professor Steven C. Anderson, a research associate at California Academy of Sciences.

From 2006-12, not a single image of the venomous snake in nature was recorded. However, the documentary’s production team managed to capture the viper’s image in its natural habitat in 2012.

The viper’s head looks very similar to that of other Pseudocerastes species in the region.

Nevertheless, it has a unique tail with a bulb-like end that is bordered by long drooping scales that give it the appearance of a spider. The tail tip is waved around and used to lure insectivorous birds to within striking range.

Known as the Green Hollywood, the Wildscreen Festival is the world’s leading international festival about nature films. The Bristol-based event is held biennially in October.

Source: Iran Daily


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