Iran's Health Min.: Iran ready to share military medicine experience with world

Tehran, Oct 13, IRNA -- Iran's Minister of Health says during the eight years of the Iraqi imposed war, Iran acquired extensive experience in the field of emergency medicine and surgical techniques for the injured in the war and the Islamic Republic of Iran is proudly prepared to share its experiences with military medical teams of other countries.

Seyyed Hassan Hashimi said at the 4th Asia-Pacific Military Medicine Congress on Saturday, 'Today, as a nation unwittingly traumatized by war, peace and tranquility are considered to be the greatest capital for healthy living in the advancement of human life in all fields, and we hope that politicians and the heads of state come to the conclusion that the planet is the home for all human beings.'

He hailed the medical community's attention to the issue of military medicine in this regard and said, 'Iran has experienced an eight-year war with Iraq, a war built by the powers of war, a war that still medical community involved in serving the injured.

The health minister continued, 'We believe that the doctor should help the needy at all times, we hope that the day comes when the United Nations is the place to exchange views for the better life of all the inhabitants of the planet, but by that time, the assemblies, such as the International Committee on Military Medicine, should plan for people's health in conflicts and wars, because the armed forces are part of this people.'

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