Iran's response to enemy's threat, endurance, strength

Semnan, Oct 13, IRNA - The Supreme Leader's representative in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said that the enemies must not be trusted and must be confronted with endurance and strength.

Abdullah Hajji Sadeqi added on Saturday that 'it is harder to be a revolution than to be revolutionized, and that everyone must strive to preserve the ideals of the Islamic Republic'.

Representative of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in IRGC said, 'War and sedition in the revolutions make people who are distanced from the revolution to become separated.'

Hajji Sadeqi added, 'Many of the revolutions in the world have been deviated after some time, but the Islamic revolution is still alive after 40 years, despite the animosity of global arrogance.'

The representative of the Supreme Leader in IRGC said, 'Over the past 40 years, we have had some ups and downs in the path of the revolution, but the path of legitimacy in the country has not been stopped in any way.'

He pointed out that now the culture and discourse of the Islamic Revolution are being exported to the world.

Hajji Sadeqi said, 'Now, the countries of the region have learned to say no to global arrogance, and the president of the United States confesses that in less than 12 minutes, Iran can bring each region to its knees.'


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