Oct 11, 2018, 11:56 AM
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All nations should respect international treaties

New Delhi, Oct 11, IRNA - Former Ambassador of India to Jordan, Libya &Malta condemns the US unilateral pulling out of Iranian nuclear deal and calls upon all nations to respect the international treaties to make the world better place to live.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA here on the possible impacts of the US pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal on the world peace, Ambassador AnilTrigunayat said: 'It is important that all countries respect and abide by the international treaties so that the faith in global order remains intact. This has been our steadfast stance with regard to the Iranian nuclear deal (JCPOA).

'Arbitrary acts are contrary to the established world order and we will hope that all sides will respect their side of the bargain and make efforts to ensure the global peace so that global goods are not threatened.”

To a question on India’s possible reaction to the US move in re-imposing sanctions on Iran, the seasoned analyst of the world affairs said: “As you are aware, India has made its stand quite clear since it believes in UN sanctions and not country specific sanctions. India has strong civilizational, as well as, important trade, investment and strategic relations with Iran and would like to preserve them.

'However, we are living in a very different world and every country has to, also, take care of its national interests. It is my firm belief that the situation could be addressed in a much better way through dialogue rather than unilateral sanctions and hopefully good sense will prevail on both sides and we will not be faced with a Hobson’s choice in this unnecessary and unfounded fracas.”

Terming Iran’s role as prominent in India’s energy security, the veteran diplomat said: “We would like to continue our imports from all countries including Iran as they figure prominently in our energy security matrix. India has to first secure her national interest.

'I understand that India’s imports of crude from Iran have remained unaffected so far. We have a certain complementarily in this regard since some of our refineries prefer Iranian crude.”

Elaborating on India’s strategic ties with the US and Iran, Ambassador Anil -Trigunayat said: “It is a fact that the USA is India’s strategic partner and we have a burgeoning and expanding relationship in diverse areas and would like to see it grow. Similarly Iran is our strategic partner and, during the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to India, both sides reiterated their commitment at the highest level to further enrich it. Iran plays an important role in the regional matrix being part of our extended neighbourhood. India, in my view, would not like to get stuck in the zero sum game between US and Iran.”
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