Oct 11, 2018, 1:07 AM
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Iranian delegation dismisses US accusations in IJC

Tehran, Oct 11, IRNA – Iranian delegation attending Wednesday session of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rejected US envoys’ claims and accusations, citing documents thereof.

Iranian lawyers participating in the high court established to deal with the complaints of the governments against each other listed US violations of the treaty of amity of 1955.

The court’s Monday morning and afternoon hearings devoted to the US lawyers’ defense against the lawsuit filed against Washington over violation of the treaty of amity through unlawful seizure of $2 billion worth of Central Bank of Iran's assets.

American delegation has reciprocally accused Iran of backing terrorism in a bid to evade accountability.

Mohseni Mohebi, head of the Iranian delegation, said the treaty of amity included all bilateral relations in the field of economy, and that US behavior towards Iranian companies and corporations, including the Central Bank of Iran violated this treaty and its provisions.

US’ intention to terminate the treaty will have no impact on the case, he said.

He further noted that the history of Iran-US relations after the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution has not prevented the two countries from settling their differences through the treaty of friendship.

Probing US violation of the treaty of amity through resuming sanctions against Iran is an example of a legal settlement of disputes between the two sides, which resulted in a court ruling in favor of Iran, Mohebbi said.

Iranian Melli Bank, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company and Iran Air are among the other companies that, in addition to the Central Bank of Iran, were the target of US hostile policies against Iran and Iranian companies, the official complained.

Mohebbi condemned US evasion of accountability towards distorting Iran’s global image, saying that the Iranian delegation will not respond to the baseless claims that Iran is backing terrorism, as it is here for another reason.

Citing Iran-US imports and exports as well as recent deals (carpet, airplanes and parts), the Iranian lawyers announced that unlike the American delegation’s fault with Iran’s complaint, the two countries’ economic exchanges continued even after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, as treaty of amity encompasses all of the exchanges irrespective of their rate and volume.

According to the Iranian lawyers, US claims that Iran sponsors terrorism are void of legality and unproved.

Rejecting US banking moves against Iran as unconstructive, the Iranian lawyers said that the US called Iran as sponsor of terrorism unilaterally in 1980s, which was dismissed by Iran’s Foreign Ministry, describing them as violation of international laws.

Lambasting US freeze of Iranian assets, the lawyers recalled that the US moves are punishments for the entire Iranian nation.
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