Oct 10, 2018, 6:54 PM
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Iran lawyers in Hague: US evading accountability

Tehran, Oct 10, IRNA - Iranian lawyers filed a lawsuit against Washington over violation of the treaty of amity through unlawful seizure of $2 billion of Central Bank of Iran's assets.

The lawmakers blasted the US for evading accountability in a bid to accuse Iran of supporting terrorism.

At the beginning of the hearing at the Hague, Mohseni Mohebi, head of the Iranian delegation, said the treaty of amity included all bilateral relations in the field of economy, and that US behavior towards Iranian companies and corporations, including the Central Bank of Iran violated this treaty and its provisions.

Mohebi noted that the intention of the US to terminate the treaty has no effect on the case. He noted that the history of Iran-US relations after the victory of the revolution must not be considered in a way that the two countries could not settle their differences through the treaty of friendship.

He reviewed the case of breach of the treaty of friendship through the resumption of US sanctions against Iran as an example of a legal settlement of disputes between the two sides, which resulted in a court ruling for the benefit of Iran.

Mohebi called the Iranian National Bank, Iran Telecommunication Infrastructure Company and Iran Air as other companies that, in addition to the Central Bank of Iran were the target of US policies towards Iran and Iranian companies.

According to Mohebbi, the trans-boundary actions of US courts has targeted Iran in the countries of Luxembourg, Britain and Canada.


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