Pakistan sees immense scope of cooperation with Iran

Islamabad, Oct 10, IRNA - Pakistan’s Minister of Maritime Affairs Syed Ali Haider Zaidi says there is lot of scope of cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in all sectors.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agencies (IRNA), he said trade opportunities between Iran and Pakistan are equally beneficial for both the neighboring states.

The minister expressing views said there are some issues which need immediate attention between Iran and Pakistan.

He said that one of the first things the Prime Minister wants to address is the issue of pilgrims traveling to Iran.

The official went on to say last year 40,000 people after Arbaeen were stuck so we have to facilitate the smooth transition of pilgrims to Iran and coming back from Iran. “We have to address the issue of pilgrims on war footings,” he noted.

He said trade opportunities between Iran and Pakistan are equally beneficial for both the countries. “We export a lot of rice to Iran,” he said. The minister went on to say that Iran and Pakistan must enhance their bilateral trade volume.

Syed Ali Haider Zaidi expressing his views said that Iran and Pakistan are also looking at the possibilities of restarting train between the two neighboring states.

The official added that there is also a plan to start ferry service between Pakistani and Iranian ports but there are certain challenges.

“Ferries can’t run from March to October because of the rough sees as we have two wind corridors from east to west and north to south but we are trying to solve the issue,” he said.

He went on to say some challenges require international diplomacy and some challenges require local governments attention, but if the intentions are right, then the things can be addressed.


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