Oct 9, 2018, 4:35 PM
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Americans not trusting US media: opinion poll

Tehran, Oct 9, IRNA – About 60% of Americans do not trust their country's media outlets, wrote Simons Research website.

A recent research conducted by Simons Research center shows that only 40% of Americans trust their media outlets, which is not a good figure at all.

'Based on our study, it is clear that news media is in crisis overall,' wrote the website.

'The average percentage of respondents who rated news sources as trustworthy or very trustworthy was just 40.1% - not a ringing endorsement for journalism in general.'

The Wall Street Journal Topping the list with 57.7%; ABC and CBS TVs ranked second with 55.9% and 55.4%, respectively.

Non-American BBC News was trusted by 55.2% of Americans and was the fourth most trusted news source.

'CNN, which touts itself as the “most trusted name in news,” trailed the list at number 14 with the trust of 46.1% of Americans.'

Forbes was the most trusted magazine and rounded out the top five, trusted by 54.2% of Americans.

The New York Times came in seventh with 53.8%, and the Washington Post eighth with 53.6%. 'USA Today (51.1%) and the Washington Times (50.0%) were the final two sources trusted by at least a majority of Americans.'

Breitbart, which supported US President Donald Trump to win office, alongside with DailyKos, rounded out the bottom six at 27.4% trustworthiness.


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