Saudi Arabia Launches economic war on Yemen

IRNA, Oct 9, IRNA- Head of the Yemeni High Committee for Revolution said that the invaders have launched the economic war against Yemen, pointing out that Saudi Arabia and its allies are struggling against the rising value of the Yemeni Rial.

Mohammad Ali Houthi said Tuesday referred to Saudi Arabia's $ 11.8 billion aid claim to Yemen's central bank in Aden asked to whom the money was paid?, where is the money,? Where was this money spent? Who looted? Why could not make the rial stable?

Earlier, the Yemeni High Committee urged the Saudi-American alliance, allies and the government of Yemen not to block payments, to deliver income and maintain it in the bank, not to loot and pay unconditional wages, to comply with its obligations to the mechanism provided by the United Nations.

In a letter to the Secretary-General and UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Mohammad Ali Houthi also called for the creation of a mechanism to provide financial assistance to the Yemeni people.

Head of the Yemeni High Committee for Revolution has suggested that a mechanism be put in place to replace food with money to help families in need of immediate assistance through opening an account.


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