Pak analyst says ties with Iran, need of the hour

Islamabad, Oct 9, IRNA -- Pakistani analyst strongly believes that Iran is the strategic and transactional neighbor of Pakistan thus having strong ties with the Islamic Republic is the need of hour.

Analyst Muhammad Usman Ghani in his article published in ‘Daily Times’ said Pakistan and Iran are both Islamic countries, sharing a common ground on many fronts, such as religion, school of thought, language, and culture.

He noted that Iran was the first country to recognize Pakistan as the sovereign state. “Pakistan has always been in the quest to foster an even handed relationship with Iran and has even favored it on international ground,” the expert said.

He added in the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution, an Islamic Republic of Iran was established, which Pakistan recognized first. “When Iraq invaded Iran in September 1980, many western countries stood behind Saddam Hussein, yet again Pakistan displayed pro-Iran sentiments,” he said.

“Pakistan endorsed the demand of the JCPOA (joint comprehensive plan of action) for Iran. In May 2018, when the US scrapped JCPOA, Pakistan condemned the action taken by the US,” the expert noted.

Muhammad Usman Ghani expressing his views said the recent visit of Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to Pakistan in August 2018, is likely to further enhance ties between both countries. Prior to the visit in an unprecedented move, Iran had also celebrated Pakistan’s Independence Day.

He added Pakistan has always shared friendly ties with Saudi Arabia so Pakistan is capable of brokering peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

He viewed that that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is endorsed by the economic giant China incorporates Pakistan, can turn out to be a boon for
Iran if it takes part in it.

He added Iran and Pakistan have already agreed to enhance the bilateral trade volume to $5 billion in the coming years.

Muhammad Usman Ghani said on the other hand, the energy-starved Pakistan is in desperate need to find a partner who could relieve its energy needs. “And Iran seems to be an ideal partner for Pakistan, since it has the potential to generate energy for the industrial zone of Pakistan,” he viewed.

The expert said Iran and Pakistan already share a partnership on Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project. He said this project is suitable and economical for Pakistan in many aspects, as it provides cheaper gas than the gas coming from the TAPI gas pipeline.

The analyst viewed Iran with its border access to Turkey and the Caspian Sea can be vital for Pakistan. “Pakistan, on good terms with Iran, can have easy access to Turkey and the Caspian Sea,” he said.

He went on to say Pakistan-Iran ties are mutually beneficial for both states, as they have suffered many ups and downs in the economic course of history, along with the menace of terrorism. “From Iran’s perspective, its robust ties with Pakistan are the need of the hour,” he noted.
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