Iran releases English, Arabic translations of law on free access to Info

Tehran, Oct 9, IRNA – The English and Arabic translation of Iran's Law on Dissemination of and Free Access to Information, enacted in 2009, have officially been released, said the Secretariat of the Commission for Dissemination of and Free Access to Information.

'Considering the facts that the law has a long history in many countries and that international institutions pay careful attention to it, it is vital that we pay attention to its effective dimensions on the international stage,” said Hossein Entezami.

“Good plans have been implemented with regards to free access to information over the past 100 years in many societies, including European countries; and today, the law of free access to information exists in more than 100 countries,” Entezami said.

“Thus, in order to acquaint international institutions, authorities, and researchers of the field with the methods of implementation of this law in our country, in the first step, translating the text of the law and its executive bylaw into English and Arabic was put on the agenda.'

Saying that free access to information is considered as one of the processes of democracy which contribute to transparency and elimination of corruption, he added, 'The Islamic Establishment, as a religious democracy, pays serious attention to this issue.'

“The right to access information freely is a clear example of civil rights. Though the law was implemented a little late in Iran, it is essential that the government, institutions, and organizations prepare the grounds for its enforcement as soon as possible.'

The full text of the law is accessible at


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