Water shortage pretext of upcoming war between Tel Aviv, Arab countries

Tehran, Oct 8, IRNA- The Zionist regime is seeking to achieve its political goals, including the normalization of relations with the countries of the Middle East, by criticizing the state of the water, vie claiming to build the world's largest sweeping water complex in the near future.

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has raised his political goals through addressing the water crisis, claiming the ability to build the world's largest sweeping water complex with the participation of domestic and foreign companies, while this regime faces many problems in the face of water scarcity, and its cabinet recently approved an urgent plan to address the problem of water scarcity.

Netanyahu, who some time ago claimed to help in Iran, proposed a new technology for water management and treatment in a deceptive message to the Iranian nation.

While describing himself as a defender of the Iranian nation, he claimed to have advanced technology in solving the problem of water shortage, and refining and recycling 90 percent of the sewage from the Zionist buildings, which the Zionist regime by exploiting the water resources of the people of the Gaza Strip and the southern regions of Syria (Lake Tabaria) has caused countless problems for the daily lives of the residents of this region and the Syrians.

The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are faced with a shortage of drinking water supplies, and even enough water to irrigate their agricultural fields and their olive trees, one of the sources of income for the people of this region.

The hollow claim on Saturday by the Zionist ministry of finance for the construction of the world's largest sweetening water complex with proposals from seven domestic and foreign companies and an annual production of 200 million cubic meters of fresh water is also a sort of other deceptive rule of this Zionist regime.

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