Oct 8, 2018, 6:42 PM
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Al-Monitor: Saudi stability at lowest level in 50 years

Tehran, Oct 8, IRNA- Stability in Saudi Arabia has become increasingly fragile as doubts have been raised over the decision-making power and suitability of its young crown prince, media reports said.

Mohammed bin Salman has a succession of successive and unobtrusive decisions inside and outside Saudi Arabia that has brought under question the future of Saudi Arabia, the Arabic-language al-Monitor reported.

The report added, 'In the last half century, Saudi Arabia's stability has never been so seriously ambiguous. Subsequent to King Faisal's abandonment of his corrupt brother in 1964, his succession was completely clear without any ambiguity. Under the rule of Faisal, the economy grew, especially after it rose sharply following its 1973 oil sanctions. Neither his assassination nor the capture of the Masjed al Haram mosque by the extremist group could bring that stability down.

The Yemeni war symbolizes the political choices of the young crown prince. This war is now in its fourth year without a prospect for its end. The Houthis shot more than 60,000 rockets into the Saudi Arabian villages and dumped them and also used 200 ballistic missiles to target the country's cities, including Riyadh. The Saudi air force and its partners have carried out dozens of attacks against civilians by destroying the weak infrastructure of Yemen and now, according to one of the witnesses, it has become a 'death channel'.

The Saudis need the US and international support to end the Yemeni war, which costs $5 billion a month and threatens Saudi Arabia's stability. The crown prince of Saudi has endangered his fame in the war swamp, which has a terrific human cost. His American friend must look for the end of the pride and, most importantly, for the early tragedy.


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