Oct 7, 2018, 11:02 PM
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President Assad: Idleb agreement a temporary measure

Tehran, Oct 7, IRNA - The Central Committee of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party held a meeting on Sunday chaired by President Bashar al-Assad, the Party’s Regional Secretary, during which he gave a presentation of the latest political and field developments.

The President said that what is happening in Syria cannot be separated from what has been amply in circulation recently about the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ which he said is ‘’as old as the Palestinian cause, but has picked up momentum recently in order to benefit from the exit of many countries from the confrontation with the Israeli enemy,” SANA reported.

“What we have witnessed recently of Western hysteria ahead of Idleb battle stems from the fact that it is a fateful thing for them, because the Syrians’ victory in it will lead to the failure of their plans and to Syria’s return as yet a more serious prospect in the face of their project in the region than it was before whether through the Deal of the Century or any other, and it will be a new model for the countries of the region and the world, “ said the President.

Commenting on Idleb agreement, President al-Assad pointed out that the position of the Syrian state is clear that this province and other Syrian territory remaining under the control of terrorists will return to the Syrian state, describing the agreement as a temporary measure through which the state has achieved many gains in the field, first and foremost stemming bloodshed.

President al-Assad affirmed that Syria’s enemies will ramp up their attempts to drain it militarily, politically, economically and socially as it progresses towards victory, predicting that this will incur internal challenges which are no less serious than war.

In this context, President al-Assad considered that Syria is heading towards the rehabilitation of ‘some segments which incubated chaos and terrorism so that these segments will not be a loophole through which Syria will be targeted in the future.’

The President stressed the role of al-Baath Party in addressing the consequences of war and engaging in a rigorous study of society and the changes that took place, as well as putting forward its own perceptions and definitions regarding the terminology prevalent in society and synchronizing speech, practice and doctrine to reach different segments of society.

President al-Assad affirmed the need to focus on the work of the Central Committee of the Party and the activation of its role, underlining the necessity that all the proposals put forward during its meetings have clear implementation mechanisms whereby responsibilities are assigned within a specific time frame.

He also stressed on the need to create mechanisms of dialogue and communication to facilitate the creation of better decision-making mechanisms within the Party’s top brass.

Later on, the President answered the questions of the attendees regarding the party’s affairs and the political and field developments.
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