Iran president orders mobilization of all facilities to aid flood-hit areas

Tehran, Oct 7, IRNA – Iran's President Hassan Rouhani issued a directive on Sunday, ordering his cabinet ministers of health and interior, to mobilize all facilities in the neighboring cities to help people in the flood-hit areas in northern country.

In the directive, President Rouhani referred to the meteorology information on the prediction of massive and frequent precipitation in the coming months and ordered all related organizations to be ready and make the necessary arrangements to address similar disasters.

Accordingly, the Iranian president highlighted the readiness and coordination of the relief forces, the Red Crescent and the Emergency, as well.

He also ordered the Minister of Health and Medical Education Hassan Hashemi to mobilize all the facilities in health centers for speedy recovery of the injured.

Heavy rains started on Friday in the north of Iran, which led to floods in many parts of Mazandaran and Gilan provinces. In some parts of Mazanddaran, there was 250mm of rainfall, which broke the 17-year record of the province.


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