Oct 6, 2018, 11:31 PM
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Stability in Middle East impossible without Iran: AIES chief

Tehran, Oct 6, IRNA -- President of Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) Werner Fasslabend said on Saturday that the stability that prevails in Syria and Iraq was not possible without Iran’s involvement.

“I found out during the sessions over the past year that establishing stability in the Middle East is impossible without Iran,” he said.

During a meeting held in Foreign Relations Strategic Council, he referred to the volatile global situation, saying, “We should find a way out of the crisis or else the entire region will face crises.”

Currently, the EU is in a new situation to which it shows reaction, he said, noting that after Donald Trump came to power in the US, EU’s position fell, as it today needs to undertake new activities, especially in the field of economy.

Today, EU has two main priorities; first is pursuing and developing a common defense and security policy in a bid to get independent from the US and the second is strengthening euro, Fasslabend said.

“We noticed in trades with Iran to what extent we are dependent on dollar and US finance system and this is a weak point for the EU,” he said.

Americans were seeking to undermine euro since the time it came to the fore, but EU is not trying to strengthen euro against dollar and reduce dependence on the US foreign exchange, he said.

Stressing that Trump is trying to be elected again as US president, the European official said that one cannot say that Trump will be reelected or not.

Under current conditions, what is important is to prevent war and bloodshed in the region, he said.

What happens in the Middle East as well as the international developments will affect the EU, he said, noting that even Africa may be affected by the developments.

Fasslabend further noted that EU and Iran are pursuing common objective in the Middle East and that’s stability in the region.

However, he warned about complicated situation in the region which may bring about wide-scale challenges in future.

“We believe that the JCPOA should be maintained and this is the best way for solving security issues,” he said, criticizing the US for unilaterally abandoning the agreement signed by Iran and five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany.

The JCPOA was not an agreement on paper alone; it has been approved by the Security Council and International Atomic Agency (IAEA) had full access to Iran’s nuclear facilities and it has confirmed Iran’s full compliance with its commitments under the deal, he said.

Elsewhere, he referred to Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), saying that Europeans are trying hard to create a mechanism allowing companies to maintain trade with Iran without being punished by the US.

Iran is a significant market for the EU, as it does not want to lose it, he said, noting, “I say honestly we will stay until the end and will do our best to salvage the nuclear deal.”
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