Trump's measures forging sovereign policies of countries

Tehran, Oct 6, IRNA - Chairman of Iran's Strategic Council for Foreign Relations, said the actions of the President of the United States strengthened the sovereign policies of the countries.

'European independence and their efforts to this end have always been emphasized and supported by Iran, and we are pleased that Europe has come to the conclusion that the future of Europe depends on the independence from the United States,' Kamal Kharrazi said Saturday in the joint meeting with Head of Austrian Institute for European and Security Studies Werner Fasslabend.

He said, 'The Chinese believe that a country that does not have 200 years of history cannot make decision for the world, and this is a wise word.'

Kharrazi added, 'The Chinese will win the battle with the United States and have very long plans to make China the world's first power.'

Chairman of Iran's Strategic Council for Foreign Relations noted, 'Trump's policies have helped other countries think they would have independent policies and separate themselves from the Americans.'

He said that countries with extensive and deep economic ties with the United States have a difficult way of securing independence, but it is a self-styled tendency towards an independent state is remarkable.


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