Oct 6, 2018, 12:51 PM
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China strategist slams Trump's 'outdated imperialist thinking'

Beijing, Oct 6, IRNA- US President Donald Trump possesses an 'outdated imperialist thinking' which will lead to US's eventual decline, a Chinese military strategist said.

Trump's out-dated imperialist thinking puts the US and the world in hot water, Qiao Liang, who co-wrote 'Unrestricted Warfare' with Steve Bannon, told the South China Morning Post on Saturday.

The expert on strategic military affairs was of the opinion that the United States has fallen into decline due to the problems it has created.

He sharply criticized Trump and said through stupid and imperialist thinking, the US president has made efforts to wage a trade war against China.

The US “is declining because they have so many problems, which were all created by themselves, but they put the blame on China', Qiao further told the Hong Kong English-language newspaper.

Qiao argued by provocative actions and some emotional tricks, Trump seeks to ally US Republicans with him to win the mid-term elections, and the trade war with China is part of the scenario.

The Chinese strategist said, in a bid to remain the world's only superpower, the United States is trying to contain China through a trade war and hiking tariffs on Chinese goods.

According to Bannon, 'Unrestricted Warfare' was published in 1999 and a number of experts who have been closely involved with the situation in the United States and China have contributed to it.


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