Oct 6, 2018, 11:48 AM
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Tyrants cannot break nations’ will to resist

Madrid, Oct 6, IRNA – Iran’s ambassador to Cuba in the conference dubbed ‘Imperialism and culture of hegemony’ said that tyrants cannot break the will of nations who are determined to resists and defend their dignity.

The conference was held at ‘Latin America House’ in Havana, Cuba with the attendance of 100 ambassadors and scholars.

Kambiz Sheikh Hassani Referred to the similarities between the Cuba revolution and Iran’s Islamic revolution and said that Iranian nation dismissed Pahlavi regime with the leadership of Imam Khomeini, as what Cubans did in 1959 to oust the US-supported Batista.

He classified the pressures placed by global imperialism on opposing countries into waging wars, imposing economic sanctions, and making media wars.

‘It is not important for imperialists what your ideology is and where you are located in, if you abide by your principles and dare to stand against them, they will spare no effort to hurt you,’ he added.

‘Our experience from Cuban and Iranian revolutions implies that the tyrants cannot break the nation’s will to defense,’ he said.

‘However, the nations should sacrifice for the defense and pay the price for it,’ he added.

Also a seven-minute movie clip depicting footages of the Islamic revolution victory and Iraqi Saddam’s military invasion of Iran was shown during the conference.


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