Ex-Pak envoy urges govt to boost trade ties with Iran

Islamabad, Oct 6, IRNA - Former Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US and senior politician has urged the Pakistani government to pay special attention to enhance trade ties with Iran.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Syeda Abida Hussain added Iran-Pakistan relationship is extremely important. “Iran is not only a neighboring state, but we have many many things in common,” she noted.

Former minister added that in order to improve the relationship ‘we should try to increase our bilateral trade because that will give a big boost to the relationship between Iran and Pakistan.'

Abida Hussain was of the view that Pakistan should try to make a block of Iran, Turkey, Russia and China as that would serve the interests of all of the countries of this region. “I think that is where we should be heading,” former Ambassador added.

She said that if Iran and Pakistan work together, Afghan peace would be more feasible.

“I feel that new Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan should make an effort to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia closer together,” said the former minister.

The politician strongly believed that Pakistan should definitely go for the completion of Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project to overcome its energy problems.

“This project is very important for Pakistan and should be completed as early as possible,” she viewed.


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