Oct 4, 2018, 1:26 AM
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President: ICJ’s ruling great victory for Iranian nation

Tehran, Oct 4, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said late Wednesday that International Court of Justice (ICJ)'s ruling in favor of Iran is a great victory for the Iranian nation, though the US may ignore it.

Addressing a gathering of reformist political activists, Rouhani hailed the IJC’s ruling as a victory as Iran has managed to have the US repremanded in an international institute.

“I entered presidential elections in 2013 to get the country out of deadlock because at that time, they had engaged Iran with not only the US but also Europe, other countries and UN Security Council under empty pretexts,” he said.

If it were not for the government’s efforts, the JCPOA would be killed even before the US withdrawal from it, Rouhani said, noting that Iran acted deliberately even after Washington’s exit from the deal, as today countries are cooperating with Iran in defiance of the US.

A wise stance by the government saved Iran from a big threat, he said.

“The government has had successful performance over the past five years, as it had a successful presence in the UN General Assembly which was turned into a scene of confrontation between Iran and the US ad there is nobody to consider the US triumphant of the field,” he said.

The UN’s international court of justice has reprimanded the US over its re-imposition of sanctions on Iran, ordering Washington to lift restrictive measures linked to humanitarian trade, food, medicine and civil aviation.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) unanimously ruled that Washington 'shall remove by means of its choosing any impediments arising from the measures announced on May 8 to the free exportation to Iran of medicines and medical devices, food and agricultural commodities' as well as airplane parts, said judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf.

The court said sanctions on goods 'required for humanitarian needs... may have a serious detrimental impact on the health and lives of individuals on the territory of Iran.'
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